Proteomics in Domestic Animals: from Farm to Systems Biology

In the last 20 years, the development of post genomics tools, such as proteomics, transcriptomics or metabolomics, has been immense, allowing important scientific advances in different areas of life sciences, including animal and veterinary sciences. This book, published in English by Springer ( focuses on proteomics and its use in farm animal research. The first part of the book introduces and explains in detail the major principles and techniques associated with proteomics (sampling procedures, protein separation, data analysis, etc). The second part of the book presents major achievements in different areas of research within animal science. For instance, it is described how proteomics may be used in animal and food research aiming to obtain animal-origin products of higher quality. Finally, the book also concerns the uses of other post-genomic tools (transcriptomics and metabolomics) and their interactions with proteomics in a systems biology approach. The entire book has been built around a philosophy that aims to bring novel users of proteomics into the field and to consider or continue using proteomics in their research projects dedicated to farm animal and veterinary sciences. Therefore, concepts and technologies described in the book are of easy access and easy to follow and understand, rendering it particularly suitable for all members of the farm animal research community: students, professors, researchers, technicians and regulatory bodies.