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Clustering of Maine-Anjou PDO cows into classes of rearing practices and characterization of their carcass, meat and muscle properties

This article is partly based on a recent publication in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2017), 65 (37), pp 8264-8278: DOI: The main objective of this study was the identification of the rearing practices of cows using 16 variables related to both the animal's life and finishing period. Three classes of rearing practices were obtained using for the first time an original statistical approach based on principal component analysis coupled with the iterative k-means algorithm. The classes were different in their carcass characteristics. Old cows raised mainly on pasture have better carcass characteristics. The Longissimus thoracis muscle of the cows raised on pasture (with high physical activity) showed greater proportions of IIA fibers at the expense of the fast IIX ones. Accordingly, the meat of these animals has better color characteristics. The statistical approach applied in the case of the Maine-Anjou PDO is proposed to be applied on additional French breeds and animal types.

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