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The Newcarn certified joint technological unit

In january 2017, the french ministery of Agriculture licensed nine Mixt Technological Unit (UMT) for a five year period after approval by the Scientific and Technical Counci of the association of food industry technical institutes. Regarding meat industry, a new Mixt Technological Unit, Newcarn, is succeeding to the previous “Aprocel”, with the same scientific partners: the Institute of Clermont-Ferrand ADIV, the animal products unit (Quapa) of national research center INRA and the Pascal Institute of Clermont-Auvergne University. The new UMT is driven by a team of representants of the three partners: Laurent Picgirard for ADIV, Pierre-Sylvain Mirade for INRA-Quapa and Fabrice Audonnet for Institut Pascal. The Newcarn project aims to bring to market innovative meat products designed to specific populations as children or elder people, but also intends to study and enhance new processing technologies so as to develop new markets or to reduce wastes, to create new meat quality forecast tools and lastly to meet the increasing demand of sustainable and “clean label” products.

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