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Effect of thawing method on the quality of thawed camel meat compared to fresh meat

Dromedary meat is widely consumed in arid Tunisian regions. Freezing fresh meats is standard practice and is part of the preservation and storage habits of most households. This work aims to study the effect of thawing method on the quality of thawed camel meat compared to fresh meat. Four thigh muscle samples were taken to determine the pH, cooking loss, peroxide value and color of fresh meat (FM) and thawed meat. Four types of thawing were carried out: in the refrigerator (MR4 ° C), in the open air at room temperature (MA), in cold water (MCW) and in hot water (MHC). The results obtained from the physico-chemical composition showed variability between the different thawing methods. The thawing time for camel meat ranged from 250 minutes in meat at 4°C to 32 minutes in meat thawed in hot water. However, the pH values were lower in meat thawed in cold water (5.60) compared to other methods and fresh meat (6.59). Most of the results revealed that the best way to thaw red meat (camel) is meat thawed in cold water.

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