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Biochemical characterization of coproducts from slaughterhouses for their economic valorization

The valorization of coproducts is an economic question since most French slaughterhouses depend on the purchase price or the cost of removal that collection companies (foundries, rendering plants) apply without really having knowledge of the economic potential of valorized products. Animal by-products (ABP) which are not destined for human consumption, are used in several industrial branches (petfoods and oleochemistry mainly). They are transformed according to their category C1 or C2/C3 respectively as transformed animal proteins (TAP) or flour and as fats. The challenge is to allow slaughterhouses to valorize each ABP at an appropriate price, which will depend on the protein and fat contents and the capacity to extract them from flours/TAP and fats respectively. The INTERBEV interprofession ordered this study in order to initiate the construction of the first database for biochemical composition (proteins, lipids and dry matter) of 48 coproducts from large cattle, calves and sheep sampled in four French slaughterhouses. These data are the first available and will help build the first French reference table. Several studies today are exploring innovative ways of generating products with higher-value for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and energy markets. The perspectives are to pursue acquiring data for the characterization of the added-value of each ABP or bioactive components whether they concern functional, nutritional or health properties.

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