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Is meat of turkey breeders really different from that of standard turkeys?

The technological, nutritional and sensorial quality of breasts and thighs with shanks of turkey male and female breeders was characterized by comparison with breasts and thighs with shanks of growing male and female turkeys from Grademaker line (Hybrid Turkeys) and analysing 20 birds per sex and per physiological stage. The turkey breeders were slaughtered at 397 and 410 days of age and 10.42 and 32.67 kg of body weight for the females and males, respectively. The growing turkeys (standard birds) were slaughtered at 75 and 103 days of age and 5.89 and 13.48 kg of body weight for the females and males, respectively. The differences observed between males and females on one hand and between standard and breeder turkeys on the other hand were mainly induced by differences in slaughter ages and sexual dimorphism on body weight. The meat of female breeders has characteristics close to those of female and male standard turkeys whereas the meat of male breeders is clearly distinguishable particularly by displaying lower tenderness and water holding capacity.

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