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Eating meat: various challenges and impacts

This article summarizes the seminar organized by INRA and the consumer association CLCV on the theme “Eating meat: many challenges and impacts” that was held on May 15, 2018 at AgroParisTech. Consumers modify their behavior qualitatively and quantitatively. Attentive to price changes, they seek to be informed about food products and their production methods, and even to influence them. The scientists at INRA, who were present, study the nutritional characteristics of meat products, their impact on health, the cultural aspects and other determining factors for the consumption of meat products, the economy and organization of breeding systems, their environmental impacts, and animal welfare. Due to the scope of these multidisciplinary fields, they were able to answer the questions raised by consumers by highlighting the complexity of agricultural and food issues in a French, but also European and global perspective. The synthesis presented here seeks to report on the researchers' presentations by integrating their answers to the questions asked by the audience.

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