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Disinfection of small equipment during the processing

According to EU regulations, slaughterhouses and cutting plants “must have facilities for disinfecting tools with hot water supplied at not less than 82 °C, or an alternative system having an equivalent effect”. This study was designed to identify and assess in controlled conditions, the effectiveness of alternative systems to the disinfection of tools with water at 82 °C. These disinfection systems have been causing problems for several years of maintenance, cost and security, without their real efficacy being proven. Several of the tested different combinations of water temperatures (60 to 75°C) and treatment times (10 to 60 seconds), and application conditions (immersion and spraying) were tested. The efficacy of these combinations were evaluated in controlled conditions, on knives contaminated with meat or bovine or porcine faecal matter, naturally enriched in bacteria and acting as indicators of hygiene. The efficacies were compared to those obtained with the minimal reference temperature (82°C; fixed treatment time of 10s for trial assays) (length of treated not defined in EU regulations). The results of immersing the knives in 75°C/15s and 70°C/30s, or spraying at 75°C/10s, 70°C/20s, and 65°C/60s, are not statistically different from bacterial reductions observed with the reference method. These combinations were validated by the DGAL as alternative physical methods and may be included in the health regulations of slaughtering and meat processing establishments. This study contributed to the DGAL review of the conditions recognized as alternative tool disinfection methods as compared to the use of water at 82°C minimum in slaughterhouses and meat processing factories treating slaughtered livestock, farmed game, poultry or lagomorphs and wild game.

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