High Pressure Processing combined with biopreservation: impact on cured ham characteristics

BLacHP project (ANR-14-CE20-0004) aims to develop a strategy to stabilize meat products with reduced nitrite content; experiments were carried out on cooked ham with 25 ppm of nitrites. The strategy adopted the combination of two hurdle technologies: biopreservation by Lactococcus lactis and high pressure processing (500 MPa, 5 min).
The combined treatment has moderate impact on the technological parameters of the cooked ham (water retention, exudation, texture, color). The evaluation of oxidation products shows that the combined treatment induces a low oxidation of lipids and proteins during refrigerated storage. Moreover, the use of the combined treatment increases the protein digestion rate. Then, biopreservation combined with high pressure processing makes possible to maintain the quality of reduced nitrite content cooked ham close to that of traditional cooked ham, and ensures its sanitary safety.