Bibliometric analysis of research and its dissemination tools in the field of meat and meat products

The effort in research and research and development (R&D) for meat products varies greatly between countries with a tendency to be higher in countries that produce the most meat (all species). At the French level, academic research around meat and meat products is mainly supported by public funds of European or national origin (National Research Agency or INRA); interprofessional bodies support more applied research (R&D) developed by technical institutes. INRA is the main actor in academic research concerning meat at the French level in terms of number of articles published and referenced in international bibliometric databases. The institute is widely recognized internationally for its research on meat especially because of its network of collaboration with many foreign partners, particularly in Europe. In general, the dissemination of results from research and R&D on meat could be improved to allow greater ownership of these results by actors in the meat industry, and to increase their visibility at national and international levels. As such, the journal "Viandes et Produits Carnés", which already has an international ranking, could play an important role in synergy with "Vigie Viande" with French professionals. In addition, through the analysis of publications and dissemination tools, it seems that the importance and the organization of research and R&D on meat and meat products could be improved or made more legible in particular concerning the ranking and reputation of France in meat production worldwide.