Inquiry on red meat consumption. A summary of consumer expectations and their perception of the new labelling system for self-service beef

Two consecutive studies were conducted on 625 beef consumers, with the aim of examining consumer habits concerning beef consumption (meat consumption and its evolution), and to find the reasons, which may explain the relative decline in interest in beef consumption. The surveys also aimed to explore consumers’ understanding of the new labelling system, which was introduced in France in 2015 to indicate the eating quality potential of cuts with stars.
It appears that half of the respondents have reduced their beef consumption, with an inconsistency in eating quality being one of the reasons to explain this decline. The results also showed that 70% of the respondents were not aware of the existence of the new labelling system for self-service beef. Nevertheless, this system represents a major progress for the French beef sector and should be developed further. Indeed, French consumers would be interested in a meat grading system based on tenderness like the one in Australia. Such a system could help to reduce the decline in beef consumption, and, even reverse this negative trend.