La revue Viandes et produits carnés

La revue française de la recherche en viandes et produits carnés  ISSN  2555-8560




A general panorama of the evolution of bovine breeds in France

The history of cattle breeds in France really began with a paper published during the spring of 1789 by M. de Francourt. Several important milestones were then reached in order to arrive to today’s situation. The crossbreeding of the English Durham breed, began the genetic improvement of our herd, then the standardization and testing of reproduction of our local breeds. These breeds remain associated with regions up until 1960. Then, the economic conditions led to the development of higher producing breeds and the decline of the number of heads of the other breeds. During the modern era, during which milk quotas were established, then their removal, can be characterized by an important development of beef breeds to the detriment of dairy breeds. A motion to safe keep and valorize these local breeds with small populations is underlined.

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