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Yak meat production in China

The yak is a ruminant which lives in harsh conditions in the mountains of Central Asia. More than 90% of the world’s total yak population are currently herded in Chinese territories. Products from yaks (meat, milk) and functions of yak farming (workload, energy, etc) are numerous and closely related to the daily life of the local human population. The yak meat is the main source of protein and the most important economic income for farmers. The productivity of yak is very low due to the limited feed resources and the delay in genetic improvement and livestock practices. The increase in demand for meat, and the settlement of the herds have led to a serious deterioration of the grassland and threat seriously the animal feed resources. Despite regulatory constraints which may restrict the exploitation of yaks, development of a geographical indication or of an official quality label for yak meat could guarantee added value in meat products and limit the volume of production, and therefore reduce overgrazing while supporting the meat yak supply chain.

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