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Definition of optimal conditions for the use of Vapo Vac® using a reference guide intended for slaughterhouses of big cow, calves and sheep

Nowadays, in France, one of the tools used for reducing carcass contamination is the Vapo Vac®. This functions using the “Steam Vacuum” principle (destruction of microorganisms by a vapor jet and mechanical aspiration of soilings and microorganisms). It is considered a “light” equipment, it sets up and functions at a low cost, notably as compared to the use of shower cabins for example (not considering work power).
However, even though the presence of this type of equipment is more frequent in French slaughterhouses, the way it is used remains relatively variable. This is notably due to the absence of a document available to all in the meat sector that may be used as a reference.
In order to compensate for this, the Meat Quality Department (Service Qualité des Viandes (SQV)) of the French Livestock Institute was asked by Interbev to write a guide on the use of the Vapo Vac®. This document presents the system and provides rules for the good use of the material, the effects to be expected and how to train the personnel that will be using it. Finally, this document indicates how the Vapo Vac® can fit in, to control the hygiene of the slaughterhouses so that it fits into their HACCP plan. This user’s guide is a reference element for the authorities. It is available through the slaughterhouse federations, Interbev, and the SQV of the French Livestock Institute.

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