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The dry-cured ham market in France: manufacturing, international trade and consumption

Dry-cured ham has a significant place in the production of the European delicatessen industry. This communication aims at presenting the French market of dry ham in terms of production, imported products and the characteristics of consumption and consumers.
The French production of dry-cured hams/shoulders represented 37,500 tons in 2013, from which 95% were hams, that is to say 4% of the total production of the pork delicatessen industry. Approximately 27% of volumes are produced with an official European or French designation of quality. France imports delicatessen products among which dry products are a significant part. In value as in the volume, these imports would account for 40% of the consumption of dry-cured hams (and shoulders). Italy and Spain provide 75% of the imported volumes, with a very diversified range of products.
Regarding consumption, the dry-cured hams account for 4 to 5% of the volumes of delicatessens purchased by French households at home in 2014. Eighty-two percent of households buy this product at least once a year, with an annual average quantity of 1.5 kg/household. The average purchasing price is 18.50 €/kg. However, this value hides a wide range of product types (from 9 €/kg to 40 €/kg for most purchases).

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