Contamination in meat imaginaries: Part II: perspectives.

Crossed views on the imaginations and practices of production and consumption.

As a follow-up of the previous article, this contribution explores the advertised messages surrounding meat, providing the opinions and reactions of breeders and meat-eaters that follow. The messages published by professionals of the meat production sector are part of the tradition that respects origin and gastronomic values while continuing along the path of a greener diet, which has been underway for several decades. The sector is confronted with new actors who try to renew this imagination: in search of purity and ethics, the entrants proceed according to a subtractive logic (products labeled without animal products, gluten free….) while diverting the symbolism of meats, the famous blood mythology, to the benefit of plants in particular. It is precisely this symbolism that displays animals in pastures, the butcher artisan and grilled meat on one’s plate that in France, join breeders and consumers. They point to industrial transformation processes and marketing practices that are a source of mistrust, each in their own way and according to their knowledge and interests. Faced with this situation, proposals have been made to place meat back in the center as a service to life, both from the point of view of words describing meat and the practices of the sector.