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Contamination in meat imagination: evolution and perspectives.

Several works in language sciences including a recent conference in June 2019, (Viande (s). Semiotic stereotypes and cultural concerns) have underlined the polysemy of the word meat and the vicissitudes that the concept has known over time from flesh to meat. By focusing on the last two decades, this article aims to bring to light the main components of the territory of expression of meats. It is also about taking a step back from the symbolic struggle, as much as economic and regulatory, engaged over the use of the word meat and its associated formulations. At the center of the discussion, we have mainly considered red meat because it remains the symbolic body from which media debates are organized. New designations are emerging (synthetic meat, clean meat, ...) indicating that a process of artificialization is underway, going so far as to postulate a "beyond meat" (Beyond Meat). This movement upsets the traditional hierarchy between meat products and plants, a classification that the French language with its expressions on vegetables and meats has largely contributed to building. At the same time, a trend has been at work for several decades in the speeches of operators in the sector: the revegetation of animals and meat. In this context, is the last campaign of the interprofession: “naturally flexitarian”. We will see how this orientation marks a continuity / rupture with respect to the previous strategy of professionals and we will compare it with the different advertising discourse of companies. This article therefore offers a crossed look at the course and future of meat, the word and the dish it designates. Food with its symbolic and social meanings is treated in relation to production and consumption practices. The objective is to position the different discursive strategies that are playing out on the meat theater stage and to identify the perspectives and needs for the future.

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